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Top Ten Nutrition and Fitness Tips

  1. Write down 3 or 4 realistic goals that you can stick to.  Avoid fantasy-land goals
  2. Get prepared by throwing away junk food or buying new walking shoes
  3. Get support from your best friend, spouse or coworker
  4. Keep daily notes of your exercise and food intake
  5. Create a food -free reward system, such as giving yourself a spa treatment or a new outfit
  6. Buy a pedometer, which keeps track of how many steps you take daily.  Wear it every day, everywhere.
  7. Don’t skip breakfast.  Keep it balanced with some protein, a healthy carb, and a small amount of fat.
  8. Nix the late-night eating, particularly after 8pm
  9. Eliminate processed sugars.  These foods are all white, like table sugar, pasta, rice and bread
  10. Have a mid-afternoon snack, which will curb your appetite.



I am a Residential Real Estate Agent. I love my job! I love to help people build wealth by investing in real estate. I help both buyers and sellers in Washington state - primarily King and Pierce Counties. I grew up in the area so I know it well. I graduated with a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Washington. I like to have fun. I enjoy meeting new people, social events and many outdoor activities - soccer, golf, camping, boating, crabbing. In my spare time I like to volunteer and give back to my community. I am the Past President of the Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce. I am always available for any questions. Please use me as your real estate resource.

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