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King County Homes Prices Over the Past 33 years – Wow!

Wow look at how much homes have appreciated in King County WA over the past 33 years.  I would say housing is a great long term investment!  In 1984 the median home price was approx. $80,000 and in 2017 it is $658,000!

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home prices over 33 years

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If You’re Considering Selling, ACT NOW!!

If You’re Considering Selling, ACT NOW!!

How did we finish 2017?
New-home sales were at their highest level in a decade.
Sales of previously owned homes were at their highest level in more than a decade.
Starts of single-family homes were their strongest in a decade and applications to build such properties advanced to the fastest pace since August 2007.

And Bloomberg Business just reported:

“America’s housing market is gearing up for a robust year ahead. Builders are more optimistic, demand is strong and lean inventory is keeping prices elevated.”

And the National Association of Realtors revealed that buyer traffic is stronger this winter than it was during the spring buying season last year.

The only challenge to the market is a severe lack of inventory. A balanced market would have a full six-month supply of homes for sale. Currently, there is less than a four-month supply of inventory. This represents a decrease in supply of 9.7% from the same time last year.

Bottom Line
With demand increasing and supply dropping, this may be the perfect time to get the best price for your home. Let’s get together to see whether that is the case in your neighborhood.


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These Improvements Enhance Your Comfort and May Attract Buyers

New trends in home technology not only make your home ‘smarter’ and more comfortable, they may also attract potential buyers if you plan to sell.

A water filtration system purifies your tap water so you don’t have to rely on a bulky filtering pitcher or purchase bottled water. Not only is it useful now, it may pay off when you sell.

A programmable thermostat keeps your home at a comfortable temperature and may help you save money on your heating and cooling bill long term.  Potential buyers may also see it as an additional perk.

A smart doorbell has a camera that allows you to see and speak to people at the door without having to open it.  It’s not only more convenient, it’s also a safety feature.  Additionally, more than 80 percent of sellers replace the doorbell when they list because it doesn’t work anymore!